[maemo-community] Organizing Maemo Summit 2009

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Feb 10 15:37:25 EET 2009
On Tuesday 10 February 2009 10:24:34 Quim Gil wrote:
> Any interesting event happening in September/October? If so, let's
> discuss. If not, let's think of good reasons for people to come.

SofNet, Paris, 7-9 Sept.
WiMAX World, Chicago, 13-15 Sept.
OSiM, Amsterdam, 15-16 Sept.
Mobile Broadband, Amsterdam, Sept [To Be Confirmed]

One to avoid clashing with:

ITU Telecom, Geneva, 5-9 October

> > 1. Country and city
> Related to the above. Near to an airport cheap to fly and possibilities
> of decent accommodation prices.

Also, maybe, not too large?  Tends to keep prices down (unless accommodation 
is particularly short).  How about a university city, rather than a capital 
city?  Paris, London, Rome -- all too expensive.

Amsterdam is not too large (and has a centrally located university) but it is 
always full of tourists, which probably puts prices up a bit.  How about 
somewhere else in Holland, within (say) 1 hour's train ride from Amsterdam 
and then combining with OSiM again?

> Another idea would be to combine a main event in Europe and in the same
> weekend a parallel hackfest somewhere in SF and perhaps in other
> 'satellites', with some kind of lo-fi community interaction between sites.

Shame Nokia doesn't seem too keen on WiMAX any more -- could have held a Forum 
Nokia event around WiMAX World!

> Theater school + c-base set a precedent hard to beat. We should evolve
> from that spirit. We expect more people, which will make things more
> complex and informal venues more difficult to find.

Maybe a university?  Might not work with timing (start of the academic year in 
many places, and universities tend to get booked up early for events during 
the summer months).

Or a research labs campus for a telco or an electronics company (Nokia 
partner, obviously, not a competitor -- Siemens?).  Has the advantage that it 
may have lecture rooms and high tech facilities and be empty at weekends?


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