[maemo-community] Web design meeting

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Feb 10 21:48:58 EET 2009
Hi all,

The weekly web design meeting was held today in #maemo-meeting at 14h
UTC - our usual time & place.

Dave Neary
Tim Samoff
Henri Bergius (:10)
Glaubert Souza (:15)

Niels is absent this week, so no status update on his work.

Henri reports that the problem Niels reported last week (theme changes
for newstyle.maemo.org were leaking to www.maemo.org) has been resolved.
It doesn't look like Niels has yet started resyncing newstyle from svn.

Dave requested again that Henri give a breakdown of the work needed to
implement and deploy the new site, since he doesn't really have a good
idea where we are in terms of progress, or when we can expect to be
finished (Note from the editor: Niels, if you could do the same, I'd
appreciate it. DN)

Glaubert has modified the logos based on feedback on the list, but
hasn't yet cut them into individual pngs/xpms and posted them on the
wiki. He will do so ASAP. Some discussion was had on some of the icons
(in particular the download arrow), and it was agreed that having a
"Click to download" text is useful.

Glaubert's also had some trouble with the Support page as it was
proposed - we're working on two pages now, one normal page, and a second
one with search results - based on feedback from timsamoff.

Next priorities for Glaubert are the profile and application templates,
showing the person's avatar, name, karma, a link to their profile, and
their online/offline status. Two versions are needed: one biggish one
for sidebars and the main profile page perhaps, and another compact one
for comments on the site. The application template can show a
screenshot, a link to the application's page on downloads, the
application name, star rating, and a download metric - either just the
number of downloads, the percentile of the app in global downloads, or
something related to application karma when it's done.

After that, he will work on the profile page, using the new template,

The meeting closed with a call from Dave that everyone be a bit more
transparent in what they were working on, and how long it would take.

Next meeting will be at 14h UTC, next Tuesday, 17th of February, in


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