[maemo-community] WebDesign improvements

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 12 13:01:21 EET 2009
Hi Glaubert,

Glaubert Oliveira wrote:
> ICONS - 
> I`ve changed some icons colors like "online" and "click to install" to
> green, rescaled the "Add Aplication"button and have created some others
> link: http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Icons.png

As Tim pointed out, the spelling of "Install" is off, but that's a minor

Could you break out the icons into individual pngs, so that Niels and
Henri can start using them, please?

For the person templates at the bottom (at least that's what I think is
there), I fear we've misunderstood each other again.

I gave an example of the current "small template" usage - a comment on
an application. In the comment (old version, example I gave), there is
the small avatar, name and online status. In addition, but independent
from what I mean when I say "small template", there was the application
rating the person gave, and a comment, with icons for deleting/the
comment or marking it as spam.

Now what I was hoping for was something small which would include some
or all of the following elements:

Name/user name
Link to profile
Online status

which could be reused nicely in this circumstance.

The large template is completely unrelated to application comments, so
it won't have any star rating for an application, nor will it be
associated with a comment usually.

The information required in the large template is:

Big avatar
Name/user name
Link to profile
Online status

And we also have a lot of optional information that could be added:

Karma breakdown by category
Joined since...

> The main update for the Download page is basically the "Download
> history" under the screenshot of the app to be downloaded. 
> it displays a graphic showing how many times in the current month the
> app has been downloaded (if the user wants to see the hole Download
> history he would just click in the link under the graphic ). I put in
> the layout the "person widget" too and it shows the most important
> content such as: comment about the app, star rating, photo, name and date
> link: http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Download_with_rating.png

Would it be possible to communicate similar information, with a smaller

I don't think people really care about the specific number of downloads,
but they might be interested in the trend. Or perhaps what's interesting
is the percentile of the project in garage (are we in the top 1%? 2%?
etc). If you remove all the text, and replace the big curve by something
like a Tufte "sparkline" (ref:
http://www.edwardtufte.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0001OR) or
just a number on a scale of 0 to 100 (colour coded, perhaps, from blue
to red for "undiscovered diamond in the rough" to "have to get this now!"

For the moment, you can leave aside whether it looks like what we have
now, or whether it's possible technically to do right now, and come up
with something both compact and communicative.

> In the personal profile I put a "Edit Profile" button and gave it a
> different arrange. Now theres is a kind of graphic wich shows the
> "Community person activity" by displaying all his involvement int the
> community. By this way we can measure and quickly see a scale about
>  quantity only*
> link: http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Profile_page.png

The box in the Profile page is more like what I was thinking of for the
person template - some information there might not be useful for general
consumption in other pages like the front page, but hopefully this will
give you a better idea of what I mean by that template.

The profile page looks good! The bar chart probably doesn't need to be
so big, though - and I'm missing some of the dynamic content that is
currently on the profile page (recent blog posts, comments, mails,
discussion, links to bugzilla bugs, mediawiki edits, etc.). Perhaps
scaling down the bar chart will give you enough space to put this
content on one side of the page, and the karma breakdown on the other?

> Some suggestions have been made here and Tim has helped me on that. we
> split in too pages, the first one shows the basic dynamic content and
> the second the result of the research.
> link (1): http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Sv_Support_.png
> link (2): http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Sv_Support_2.png

It seems when I said that you could get dynamic content from the wiki,
itT, and the maemo-user mailing list, you took me literally. Obviously,
those are 3 different possible sources of information there, and they
should probably be broken up into 3 different blocks on the page.

Otherwise, it looks like we're getting there! Thanks for everything.


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