[maemo-community] Organizing Maemo Summit 2009

From: Sebastian 'CrashandDie' Lauwers crashanddie at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 13 13:44:17 EET 2009
On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Andrea Grandi <a.grandi at gmail.com> wrote:

>> I coordinated the first Summit and in that case it was (imo) important
>> to have a core Nokia guy there to set the path and the style, getting
>> the company committed at the same time. I'm happy getting involved this
>> time as well, and it's part of my role to do this but as full time
>> coordinator again...

> I agree you are the main coordinator in the organization.

I think Quim might have forgotten a "not" in his sentence. As in "It's
part of my role to do this but *not* as a full time coordinator

> you mean we should do a donation  to help covering expenses? Well...
> it doesn't sound so bad in the end. You just need to accept free
> donation from community, each one depending on his own possibility and
> this could help with the expenses.

I think Quim meant he would like Nokia to cover the big expenses
(paying venues/big digits) directly, but then pay a proxy who would
take care of the smaller amounts.

> well, I understand you. Anyway there's nothing bad if we book
> flight+hotel by ourself, this can make save lots of money.

Again, I stress the fact that making a global commitment would allow
us to get more interesting deals than everyone paying on an indiviual

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