[maemo-community] WebDesign improvements

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Feb 13 19:11:58 EET 2009

Tim wrote:
>> I gave an example of the current "small template" usage...
> Could you wireframe it for Glaubert?

I was hoping that a designer (someone with creative skills) would have a
go at it, given the requested scope... Glaubert, do you want to get
creative on these?

If I wireframe something it'll likely be more or less the same as what
we have now :}

Here's the kind of thing I was thinking of for comments... the bit up to
"says:" could be the small template. I was thinking that we could use a
ranking/grading system too like on online forums - master, senior,
junior, trainee (whatever... Friday evening lunacy but you get the
point) related to karma.

>> It seems when I said that you could get dynamic content from the wiki,
>> itT, and the maemo-user mailing list, you took me literally.
> I like the idea of keeping the single-column dynamic content on the main
> Support page (two columns makes it too busy for me).

I don't mind single column, but I think it should be 3 blocks.


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