[maemo-community] Application Karma

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Thu Feb 19 18:57:11 EET 2009
> To my mind, application karma is a measure combining various things:
>  * How many people are using the application? (more people = 
> higher karma)
>  * How well maintained is the application? (more recent releases =
> higher karma)
>  * What is the rate of take-up of the application? (more recent
> downloads = higher karma)
>  * How highly do users of the application rate it? (more 
> stars = higher
> karma, more users rating = more karma)

I like the ideas in your post Dave, (/me being an Engineer likes lots of
metrics and equations to generate them ;). 

Another question is how the karma for a given product is assigned to the
product owner(s)? If a Garage project has 5 members, how should these
members have the karma from the product assigned to them? All receive
the same or some ratio decided by number of commits, age of commits,



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