[maemo-community] Discussion about Maemo community management...

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 23 08:45:29 EET 2009
At this point it would be useful to detect:

- Community management tasks the Council should do and is not doing.
- Community management tasks the webmaster, docsmaster, bugmaster or
debmaster should do and are not doing.
- Community management tasks that Quim or other Nokia employees should
do and are not doing.

Once we have detected what is missing then we can see if the current
parties & individuals are enough or something else needs to be arranged.

Otherwise we risk discussing in circles.

ext Ryan Abel wrote:
> Quim's role was as a community member, though, NOT as a Nokia employee.

Both actually. It's not that you are either a community member or a
Nokia employee. Some people make a clear (and explicit) distinction. I
do stress when I'm talking on my own, not as a Nokia employee.

But this is not relevant for the current topic: the Council was an idea
that didn't come from Nokia and Nokia is happy that it came that way.

ext Dave Neary wrote:
> Just to clarify the NDA-related stuff.

The Council members have no NDA signed and nobody at Nokia is thinking
of making Council members signing one. That would be a very bad idea.

The private communication we have got is the basic needed to work more
efficiently: topics related with money & individuals (hiring a
debmaster) and information that will become public in few weeks (SDK
announcements). That's all.

The maemo.org team members (Andre, Dave, Niels and now Jeremiah) have an
NDA that is exclusively used to do their work efficiently.

If there are specific community management tasks requiring an NDA then
the easiest is to assign them to me.

ext Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> I have heard some specific complaints as well. Namely the debian based
> tools in maemo are old. debhelper for example is version 5.x and Lenny
> (Stable debian) has debhelper 7. I think developers would like the
> maemo platform to more closely track debian in terms of updated build
> tools.
> It is unclear to me whose direct responsibility it is for the maemo
> build tools. Is this controlled by Nokia?

Of course it is, but for technical discussion there is already
http://bugs.maemo.org . File your enhancement request there, please.

If the maemo.org team and/or the Council think that a technical topic
requires special attention then you can raise the flag and generally
does topics do get attention and eventually a solution, or at least an
explanation of why this is not a top priority now.

ext Tim wrote:
> I heard some moaning from developers who feel that they still are
> not getting enough "Nokia" support in dealing with some "community" issues
> (or, presumed community issues). Developers are really the ones who will
> need to address these concerns (since I am not a developer).

What are the complaints? Any URL of a bug/request, a mail in a maemo.org
list, and ITt thread...?

fwiw Tero is planning to get a new person in the Development Platform
team focused on technical support for developers. Also Forum Nokia
should help more here in the Fremantle timeline (and a lot more in the
Harmattan timeline, although I understand this interests nobody here
now).  :)

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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