[maemo-community] Extras and Fremantle

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 24 10:46:41 EET 2009

Lengyel Marcell (Nokia-D/Helsinki) wrote:
> However I do not really recommend creating the Fremantle extas at
> this point because the alpha SDK is still not quite ready for
> application development. The applications that developers create
> using the aplha SDK are not guaranteed to run on the final product. 

This is a good reason to have an extras-devel only. The alpha SDK will
be good enough to start developing functional applications, and
extras-devel can serve the purpose of a common repository for additional
libraries needed and start developing and testing the apps themselves.

> Then again, extras belong to the community, so it is your call.

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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