[maemo-community] Application Karma

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Feb 24 19:10:09 EET 2009
Hi Patrick,

Patrik Hirvinen wrote:
> The idea presented at https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2179#c11
> was to simplify things by moving to just faves and burys and use that to
> replace the stars' function to decide what's shown on the downloads
> front page ( http://maemo.org/downloads/OS2008/ )in the section "Stars"
> and on the stars page ( http://maemo.org/downloads/bestrated/OS2008/25/
> ) There are already sections for all-time popular and new apps, plus the
> featured ones. This would be used to determine what's hot right now.

 offering them a way of scaling it either -1 or 1.Aren't stars redundant
with faves & buries? It seems to me like giving someone a way to rank an
application on a scale of 1 to 5 is better than  I thought the whole
point of application karma was to mix ideas of quality, popularity and
viability to come up with an overall ranking of applications. Was I wrong?

> We don't keep data on amount of "recent" downloads. Unless what's really
> wanted is to determine an overall score for the whole lifetime of the
> application instead of just how hot it's now, this seems overly
> complicated. It's difficult to assess what would be a fair or sensible
> formula for the first purpose without looking at what kind of scores it
> would give for a large amount of typical applications.

They're stored somewhere - there's a curve of downloads on a
month-by-month basis in maemo.org/downloads when you click on the
"Download statistics" link on (say)

I'm suggesting using the last full month's worth of downloads as the
"recent downloads" measure. It could just as easily be the last 3 months
or the last 6 months. The point is to get an idea of how popular the app
has been recently, as opposed to 2 years ago when it was the hot new
thing on Bora.

As for the coefficients, I agree, they need tweaking to be both simple
to implement (for you) and in a reasonable range for the applications.
We don't want one app at 10,000 karma while 99% of the apps are under
10. The karma distribution should be like the person karma one.


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