[maemo-community] Cancel account at maemo.org?

From: Oskar Welzl lists at welzl.info
Date: Wed Feb 25 00:32:43 EET 2009

how do I cancel/delete an existing user account on maemo.org?
I successfully killed its counterpart from the garage, but the one at
maemo.org is still there, even linking to the non-existent garage user.

Full story:
I must have opened this old account 'ossi' years ago (2006, probably),
then forgot about it and opened a new one ('ossi1967') a little later.
Now that this whole Maemo-stuff becomes increasingly important to me, I
simply want to be me and not show up as a duplicate in every report I
run across. ;) (Even though being able to vote twice or increase my own
karma would be ... no, don't even think about it.)

So: old ossi must die, young ossi1967 has more karma (...is nicer,
better looking and richer) and therefore may live. I just can't find the
button for this semi-suicide in the maemo.org pages.

(If some of those in the know could have a look at it: It seems the old
'ossi'-account is litterally *stealing* karma from the new one:
"Discussion" karma-points show up on the old account, even though I
don't see it associated to this "lists at..."-mail address in any way
now. There must be something left in the database that's not visible to

Sorry if I miss the obious here (I usually don't spot the extra large,
flashing buttons in user interfaces), and sorry if this is not the right
place to ask... but it's not users or developers, either, is it?



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