[maemo-community] Provisional Maemo Community Council referenda results are in!

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Feb 25 12:03:04 EET 2009
Hi hyartep,

hyartep wrote:
> my two cents: I understand attempts to get wider community
> involvement, I'm afraid, however, that less active people people (with
> less karma) will not bother to vote. As you can see, from about 600
> people that were able to vote, only about 120 voted (20%).

First - these were referenda, and to be frank, I think the majority of
Maemo people (including active Maemo participants) didn't care that
much. I'm sure most people would have been happy for the council to just
decide on these issues (but that's not the way that we set up the council).

> I expect that from additional 400 people, less than 10% will vote,
> probably about 5% (i.e. 20-40 votes).

These extra people are likely just as active as the 600 in front of
them. Activity falls off rapidly after that - and someone with a karma
of 5 or lower is essentially inactive, and has just created a maemo.org
account at some stage.

In the 5 or lower group, the turnout is considerably lower than 10%, but
as I showed after the last election, turnout among people with karma 10
or higher was quite a bit better (15% turnout, compared to 35% turnout
among those with karma 25 or more, and 7.5% turnout overall). Turnout
among those with karma 3 or under was under 5%.

Actually, let me revise my numbers a little: At the last election, there
were 432 people with karma 25 or over, 601 at the start of the
referenda. At the last election, there were 607 people with karma
between 10 and 24 (adding 432 and 607 is where I came up with 1000
people, and subtracting 601 gave me 400 - this was obviously an error on
my part).

Current karma figures from before the referendum tell me that 1356
people had a karma of 10 or better, 601 25 or better, so we are more
than doubling the electorate by bringing down the karma limit. And
probably doubling the number of people who will vote in the election
also, since I expect us to maintain or improve on 20% turnout when
community members are proposed for election.


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