[maemo-community] Application Karma

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Feb 25 17:21:59 EET 2009

ext Dave Neary wrote:
> Does that sound like the system that you're proposing, Quim?

I'm not proposing anything anymore. That was a while ago and currently
I'm happy with whatever implementation you think it's best.

What is important is to keep the goals in mind:

- Users are able to promote the applications they consider the world
should know about.

- Users are able to dig down the applications you wouldn't like your
friends to try.

- An application can get momentum when it's getting plenty of downloads
and user love, even if this happens months after an upload was made
(e.g. because you got slashdotted and now suddenly everybody loves you).

- The usual suspects in terms of many downloads and good user feedback
don't cope permanently the top positions, letting cool fresh meat to
take the stage.

- As a result of all this, the app(s) promoted in the maemo.org home
change automatically from time to time, as the community tells to the
world what are the apps they find top of the cream today.

- No manual editing needed. No pearl stuck during weeks in the home.

Quim Gil

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