[maemo-community] Web design meeting minutes

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Feb 25 18:47:43 EET 2009
Hi all,

Unfortunately, since yesterday was a holiday in Brasil - something I
found out after the meeting - and Neithan and Henri were in a meeting
during the web meeting, we achieved little, besides Niels giving me a
summary of progress and a list of things he will need.

Niels has worked on the front page this week, and it's looking good
(progress at http://newstyle.maemo.org). He hasn't worked on news, the
buttons for Support or Community, and there are some styling issues
(extra "More" buttons) which will be fixed. Dave made the remark that
the headings for News, Events, etc. don't look clickable right now.
Niels has also been working on Downloads this last week.

Dave suggested that working on Support and Development should be higher
priority, in the case where content & style need tweaking after they've
been laid out by Niels. Niels suggested that Dave create a basic Support
& Development page, with no styling, and set them not to appear inthe
navigation, to give him something to work with.

Everyone agreed that the new site will not launch, regardless, if News,
Planet and Downloads are not satisfactory.

Neithan has worked on profile pages, which are now more or less
finished: http://newstyle.maemo.org/profile/view/nite_man/ and on
Planet: http://newstyle.maemo.org/news/planet-maemo/

Dave mentioned that there were no dynamic bits in the new style for the
profile, and that there was still no link to the profile list from the
profile page, and that some comments made on Glaubert's profile proposal
hadn't yet been taken into account, so a refreshed version of the design
would probably be coming later.

Of Glaubert's list of deliverables, he has sent everyone the PSD
corresponding to the icons and the front page design, these are now in
SVN. Niels explained that all the PSDs were needed by Neithan to cut
images for the webpage as necessary.

Niels requested that Glaubert make available all PSDs of page designs
he's published so far.

Of Glaubert's other TODO items, he finished the icons, made the icons
PSD available. He didn't send us anything on the "Get involved" or "Get
help" front page buttons, and we still need designs/layouts for the
Log-in page, the profile list, and templates for profiles for inline
display and comments, and for applications for inline display (like on
the front page of Downloads) and for small views. (like on the list of
popular apps).

Dave will check in with Henri, Neithan and Glaubert off-line to get
status reports for things missing, and to see what the priorities are
for the coming week.

For next week:

Dave to create simple Support and Development pages in Midgard.

Niels to finish home page, integrate person and application templates
when they're available, and start working on theming Support

Glaubert to deliver application and profile templates ASAP, publish all
PSDs of page designs he's been working on, and start work on designs for
the log-in page and the profile list.

Neithan will finish Planet this week, before working on either
Development or News.


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