[maemo-community] January Sprint meeting date proposal

From: mihai mail3mihai at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Jan 6 10:33:49 EET 2009

I've haven't followed the entire discussion, however i will like to join the
irc meeting tomorrow.
Given the fact that i've never joined a previous meeting, can someone
summarize how to "not miss" it? And by that i mean: irc server, port, channel (that time i think i'll find it in the list :) ).


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From: Niels Breet <niels at maemo.org>
Subject: Re: January Sprint meeting date proposal
To: "List for community development" <maemo-community at maemo.org>
Date: Monday, January 5, 2009, 9:46 AM


Let's go for the 7th. I'll add an entry to the events and update the
sprint pages.

Niels Breet
maemo.org webmaster

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