[maemo-community] Minutes of web design meeting, 13/1/2009

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Jan 13 19:46:59 EET 2009
Hi all,

Here's the summary of the IRC web design meeting from this afternoon.
I'm not sure if there's an online transcript, but I have it saved here
if people would like to see the verbotim transcript.


Present (IRC nicks - people who spoke):

glaubertsouza (+5mn)
acunha (+18mn)

General discussion:

wazd had some criticisms of the current front page design. He wondered
why "Documentation" got a link, and "Talk" didn't. Dave said that "Talk"
would be part of both the Support and the Community pages, and that
Documentation snuck back onto the front page. After some discussion,
Dave asked wazd to bring his comments to the mailing list.

Summary of progress:

Glaubert has completed designs of three pages, the home page, community
and development, and has been working on layout & design of Downloads
and the planet since last week.

Henri reviewed the HTML+CSS which we have received of the 3 pages, and
considers that they don't meet many of the guidelines that he set out
before Christmas:

In his words, "the current version has some structural issues and quite
a bad case of classitis
(http://joshuaink2006.johnoxton.co.uk/blog/330/avoiding-classitis) that
makes it a bit hard to adapt and reuse so with it there are two options:
hot-fix the structural things, or redo it"

Next steps:

Henri proposed taking page designs, and the existing HTML+CSS, and
re-doing them to meet their needs. Lauri Manner will be working on this
for Nemein. Henri will deliver the first page, a standard content page,
on Friday. Standard page chosen as reference:
(but the stylesheet will be done in a way it will apply to the whole site).

Glaubert will apply the new style to the page by Thursday, to give Lauri
a visual comparison to work with. Designing a generic page is higher
priority than the others.

Glaubert will work on pages as they need to be styled for Henri's team,
as well as working on the design and delivery of a number of
templates/reusable elements designed for the site, and icons for the new

Dave will work on a content proposal for the Support page before
Thursday, and will work with Tim to wireframe it. Dave will put the
resources needed into a wiki page, where we will track the progress of
what graphics are done & who's working on what.

Resources needed:

Reusable elements for web pages:
"Person widget": photo, name, karma, online status - two versions:
inline and small box
"Application widget": name, screenshot, downloads, stars, ...

Images and icons:
No avatar
Star/no star
Thumbs up/down

Rollover versions for images and icons

We meet again next week. During the meeting I proposed Tuesday 20th, but
I have a conflict in the afternoon that day. I propose we meet Wednesday
21st at 14h UTC instead. Does this cause a problem for anyone?


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