[maemo-community] Minutes of web design meeting, 13/1/2009

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 15 09:01:47 EET 2009

ext Tim wrote:
>  Concerning the front page of maemo.org, one of my suggestions during
> the IRC meeting yesterday was to "mashup" all of the news/planet/talk
> excerpts into a single _hot topics_ (or "Latest News" or whetever)
> area, so that all of the content was equal on the front page. Of
> course, each of these different types of content could be signified by
> an icon (or something)...  
>  What is your opinion of this method? Or, is it important that
> news/etc be distinctly separated from the forum content?  

Now announcements, Garage news and Planet blogs are already mashed up at
http://maemo.org/news , and those getting more karma go to the home.

ITt threads can already today get "karma" by rating 1/5 stars. One
possibility would be that threads getting 4/5 stars could be aggregated
to News and from there they could get thumbs up/down to make it to the home.

Not the most optimal and integrated possibility, but one that probably
can be done with little tweaks.


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