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Subject: Maemo-Openmoko Community Survey results published
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 00:01:45 +0100 (CET)
From: Matthias Stuermer <mstuermer at ethz.ch>
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Dear participants of the Maemo-Openmoko Community Survey

First of all a HUGE THANK YOU for your valuable time and openness
participating in the Maemo-Openmoko Community Survey! An amazing number
of 1233 people answered the questionnaire providing reliable data about
the two very interesting open source communities. It will help us to
continue our research project on firm involvement in open source
projects making a detailed analysis of the responses and publishing it
in a scientific journal. As this will take a little longer we show you
already now all the aggregated raw data as promised:


If you have any questions or comments on the results please let us know.
In case you want to cite them and publish the link please refer to the
survey the following way:

Georg von Krogh, Matthias Stuermer, Sebastian Spaeth, Guido Hertel
"Results of Maemo and Openmoko Community Survey"
ETH Zurich, Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation, 2009

The following four survey participants are the lucky device winners
randomly drawn from the list of respondents - congratulations!

N810: Thomas Perl, Fred Chittenden
Openmoko: David R. Newman, Daniel Mewes

So thank you again for your helpful responses and insightful comments
and all the best in your important work contributing to these and other
open source projects.

Kind regards,

Prof. Georg von Krogh
Prof. Guido Hertel
Sebastian Spaeth
Matthias Stuermer

Matthias Stuermer | +41 44 632 89 13 | +41 76 368 81 65
mstuermer at ethz.ch | http://www.smi.ethz.ch/people/mstuerme
ETH Zurich | D-MTEC | Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation
KPL G 13 | Kreuzplatz 5 | CH-8032 Zurich | Switzerland

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