[maemo-community] [Council] Voting system progress?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Jan 19 09:49:36 EET 2009

Ryan Abel wrote:
>> There seem to be two proposals there. Ryan, are you imagining  
>> putting both to the vote, was there a consensus on -community & ITT?  
>> Having two "change" options: does that mean people will complain  
>> about splitting votes if "none of these" wins; or similar? (What we  
>> *do* if none of these wins, I'm not sure. Probably, continue the  
>> next election under the current rules and hope the next council take  
>> it as a sign to pick up the task again?)
> Well, there was only one proposal the last time I checked. Benson was  
> the one that carried this to the end, so it might be worthwhile to  
> bring him in on it.
> *CCing*

I weighed in at least twice in the ITt thread, providing links to
various STV resources, including software capable of counting the
election for us.

Does that count in the one?

I'm not an ITt regular, I went to check on the thread once at the start,
but really this kind of debate should be happening here, not there.
Banson, are you on maemo-community?

>> As for the karma requirements, I'd suggest that if we want to change  
>> them, that's a separate referendum (avoiding the issues Debian's  
>> just faced with the lenny-release voting). It could be, that with  
>> ITT now counting towards it, the numbers aren't so contentious.
>> How many ITT posts alone would someone require to meet the 25 point  
>> limit? (Such a member would hopefully be atypical)
> I forget the exact math used to calculate the itT posts karma, but  
> lcuk has exactly enough at 629.[1][2]

floor(sqrt(n)). So 625 would have done it.


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