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From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Jan 27 17:26:10 EET 2009
Hi Jarmo,

Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
>> A reminder: those core use-cases are:
>>   1. A new tablet owner wants to install some software on his tablet.
>>   2. An interested application developer comes to maemo.org 
>> to learn how to write a new application for the tablet.
>>   3. An existing application developer comes to maemo.org 
>> looking for information on modifying his application for Maemo.
>>   4. A Maemo Community member is looking for the latest news 
>>from around the world of Maemo
>>   5. An interested user wants to know how he can help make 
>> Maemo better or give feedback
>>   6. A tablet user has a problem which they would like to resolve.
> These use cases look ok for me. I would add one more:
> 0. An interested developer comes to maemo.org looking for how to start
> maemo development (first how to setup development environment to PC and
> Tablet, second what platform documentation we have, third how to get
> support if he runs into problems).

Isn't that just a re-statement of use-case #2 in my list? (you're
listing content he wants, and all of this content will be easily
available on the Development page).

> There are three phases, 1. install environment, 2. read platform
> docuements, 3. find help from community for problems.
> And actually forth phase publish your work to those technical users
> (including other developers).

And in the Development page, whose draft design is here:
http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org/Development - you can see
that we have easy access to downloading the SDK, getting started with a
development environment, accessing community resources and forums. The
only thing on your list missing from there is publishing your
application in the garage - which we should probably add in.

> Maemo.org is mainly developer site so developer documentation if the
> most important issue. For those technical users troubleshooting etc are
> more important documentation. 

I would argue that maemo.org's audience is in the majority technical
enthusiasts, but not developers. If you looked at the download stats for
scratchbox compared to Canola, I think that would bear that out.
maemo.org is people who are way more than normal users, but in general
won't go farther than a mailing list, a forum or sending bugs to
bugzilla. The people who actually write code are probably under 10% of
the audience (I'm guessing, but in other communities I participate in,
there are figures on this - 90% are enthusiasts who want to hang out
with other enthusiasts, 9% are highly technical users, and occasional
developers, and 1% write the code - and of that 1% it's a smaller number
that write the majority of the code).

> I am happy if you are able to improve usability of the site. At least
> these use cases look ok for me.

I'm glad that you approve :)

Thanks again for your feedback.


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