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From: jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jan 27 18:00:03 EET 2009
>> I thought the plan for applications on maemo.nokia.com were the 
>> "stars", and the "pearls"
>This was my understanding as well.

This is correct, stars and pearls are the first priority but other
applications as well that are seen as end-user ready are in the scope as
well. For all applications instals as well the correct route for
end-users (bad term, agreed) is always through maemo.nokia.com, not to
maemo.org to directly. As these new users come more familiar with maemo
and want to start contributing bugs and suggestions, then
maemo.nokia.com engourages them to go to maemo.org. 

> Is maemo.nokia.com going to link to downloads.maemo.org? It would seem

> odd to have a feature on "our" site which is only advertised on "your"
> site (if you forgive the terminology)?

It will either link to maemo.org downloads and just give "click to
install" links that 'fetches' the application from maemo.org. This is
still an open issue due to some legal stuff. 

The idea is that Maemo.org, talk.maemo.org and maemo.nokia.com are
linked in the spirit of engouraging interested consumers to transform
into first into users (decision to buy a device based on information on
maemo.nokia.com) and then to participators (suggestions and bug hunting
on maemo.org and talk.maemo.org). "Ours" and "yours" don't matter as we
share the same goal :)


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