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From: jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jan 27 18:55:09 EET 2009
>Just link to the .installs from Extras like Downloads does? 
>This would seem to be a perfectly workable option to me.

Yes, good point. Still some legal considerations remains on where we can
link from official nokia site. Workaround solution is to link first
maemo.org but it's not optimal. 

>> The idea is that Maemo.org, talk.maemo.org and maemo.nokia.com are 
>> linked in the spirit of engouraging interested consumers to 
>> into first into users (decision to buy a device based on information 
>> on
>> maemo.nokia.com) and then to participators (suggestions and bug 
>> hunting on maemo.org and talk.maemo.org). "Ours" and "yours" don't 
>> matter as we share the same goal :)
>Well, maemo.org and talk.maemo.org are effectively equivalent 
>(it's a bit like discussing maemo.org, bugs.maemo.org and 
>maemo.nokia.com ;)), so I think we can drop that from the 

Yes and no. We had a long internal talk of should internettablet talk be
part of nokia asset (as talk.maemo.nokia.com) or part of maemo.org. We
opted for the latter since we believe that the discussion should not
modified by Nokia in any way to keep it true to the community spirit.
Anyhow, I still see that the design of the site could be a mixture of
elements from maemo.nokia.com and from maemo.org. Feel free to say if
you think this is a bad idea :) At least, the maemo.nokia.com should be
a bit effectivily put out compared to current maemo 

I think the worry is that we'll be duplicating 
>Downloads functionality between the two sites, and thus 
>creating fragmentation, which is undesirable. For instance, 
>assuming that the maemo.nokia.com's catalog is simply a subset 
>of maemo.org's, will maemo.nokia.com's "Downolads" offer 
>comments and ratings?
>Ryan Abel
>Maemo Community Council chair
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