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From: jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jan 27 19:14:41 EET 2009
>The way I see it, maemo.nokia.com users will want "finished", 
>supported applications. maemo.org users will want more 
>applications, lots of them, and will be more forgiving on 
>quality. We're both talking about end users who will never 
>develop an application for the tablet, but they're not the 
>same type of user at all.

Good point, I think the main issue for me is that potential users
(non-device owners) always land or be immediately directed to
maemo.nokia.com and that's where the first applications are installed
for newbie-users and then as their knowledge increases about maemo, then
they can enjoy the wide range of community applications from maemo.org. 

Anyway in the future the in-device application manager should be the
gateway for Nokia tested applications and in this scenario the
maemo.nokia.com application gallery is merely a marketing showcase for
those non-device owners. This is the reason why the ratings and
commeting system might not be needed for maemo.nokia.com. So I think we
agree on most of the stuff here :) Thanks Ryan, Dave and co. for the
good comments, I appreciate the feedback and ideas a lot. Feel free to
send direct email too if this mailing list thing is not optimal for some


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