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From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 28 10:09:10 EET 2009

Thanks about comments Tim and good questions. I try to give my view for those issues below.

As a generic comment I do not think all garage project will need test management system for their projects. Some of the projects in garage are so small (as size of code and/or resource vice) that it would not make sense to setup test managementr system for them.

On the other hand some garage projects are very big and have a lot of participants and there are products that actually consists several garage projects. This maemo test management service is ment for those garage projects that are able to have true test team to make sure quality of the project/product is end user quality at release time. In practice this requires some organized testing for product which requires some tool to help maintaining test cases and data.

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>With either of this options, who would be the "admin,"
>"testers," etc.? Who would setup wth test cases,
>specifications, etc.? Would these all be project-specific
>based on Garage projects or would there be one main interface?
>Would there be a Maemo SW employee that adminned this system
>or would it be up to project maintainers?t

TestLink admin would be our maemo.org administrators (Nokia and community admins) as they are admins for all other maemo.org services. Inside TestLink we need to be able to setup products  (each product can consist one or more garage projects) and those garage project admins administer also their test products in TestLink.

If possible I would not restrict testers. If somebody wants to contribute to the product by testing it he sould be able to do that. E.g. run those test cases specified in test project and propose new test cases, etc...

I went (very shortly) through features of TestLink based on documentation and my understanding was that we shoulo dbe able to setup this kind of product based installation for maemo.org. I would like you to verify that this is really possible because we here do not really have much experience on TestLink (or other open source test management services).

>I'm not a developer, so I may be completely off-base with my
>questions, but as I was going through documentation, these
>questions came to mind.

Good questions. I hope somebody who has experience on using TestLink can comment these also.

Even if you are not a developer you are welcome to contribute to maemo (for example as test engineer :).


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