[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Jul 7 00:09:35 EEST 2009

I'm in the same situation as Andre, Quim, Henri and Oskari, with dodgy
wifi & regular meetings. My plan is to attend (it'll be lunchtime here,
thus probably fewer people using the wifi) - but we have apparently 30%
packet loss on the big pipe from Gran Canaria to Spain.

I will try to make the meeting anyway. I have given more or less the
status on my tasks:

9.06-01 	Get library.gnome.org working locally 	Must 	dneary 	DONE
Spent a day installing, downloading, rebuilding & trying to understand
lgo. Next step: set up a Debian repository, and figure out how to get
lgo downloading .debs instead of looking for .tar.gzs

lgo works great. Not sure how to reduce the module set, and I haven't
started looking at how to make it pick up .debs

9.06-10 	Modify library.gnome.org to use debs of docs, rather than
building tar.gzs 	Should 	dneary 	0% 	Hopefully will be working with
Fred Peters to get this done

I hope to make some progress on this in July, but with GUADEC this week,
and OSCON in two weeks, where I have 3 presentations to prepare (next
week), and so I think it would be optimistic of me to expect this task
to be done in July, and I will be taking my Summer vacation from August 4th.

9.06-11 	Ensure library updated on Maemo release 	Could 	dneary 	0% 	

Deferred to September.

9.06-12 	Task:Proof-read Human Interface Guidelines 	Could 	dneary
60% 	Crowd-source HIG proof-reading with a bunch of volunteers. Go Tim!
Go qole! Everyone else can join in too. Next step: merging changes back

It's not finished yet, but it's been a successful effort. I will be
hunting for Igalia people this week to see how we can go about merging
changes back up.

9.06-15 	Maemo Summit registration system 	Must 	NetBlade 	0% 	

I have to meet Oskari here about this. Probably tomorrow :)

So, being realistic, I should not be committing to any MUST tasks at all
in July or August. I can commit to the MUST task of "get a local Debian
repository going" and SHOULD for "Get to 50% in modifying lgo to use .debs"


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