[maemo-community] Brainstorm scope.

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jun 4 09:03:48 EEST 2009

ext Andre Klapper wrote:
> That's also my understanding so far for the maemo.org Brainstorm:
> Package-specific smaller or normal enhancement requests will still be
> filed in maemo.org Bugzilla.
> Crosspackage enhancement requests or "radical" package-specific ideas
> will be filed in maemo.org Brainstorm.

No matter how you put it the line is thin. As it's also thin the line
between bugs and feature requests.

I think it's ok to default to brainstorm for enhancement requests. End
users would go basically there, and our marketing/product guys too.

bugs.maemo.org enhancement would be used only for clear cut proposals
made by developers or really power users on really specific items. In
most cases the submitter would propose a unique technical solution or a

BUT if a proposal filed in brainstorm actually belongs to bugs.maemo.org
I would not micromanage that. Just leave it and see what happens.
Specially in the beginning. Once there are e.g. 500 or more ideas then
it's much easier to define that thin line.

> I don't expect all reporters to understand this when filing requests,
> but that's what moderators will be for (basically the same as support
> requests in Bugzilla that should have gone to talk.maemo.org instead -
> we have a Bugsquad for this).

I think moderators should be tell the submitters about using
bugs.maemo.org if the proposal they just made seems more fit to that. At
least they will do it better the second time. If the own submitter
decides to clone the proposal to bugs.m.o and delete the one he filed in
brainstorm, then fair enough.

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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