[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Jun 17 13:23:15 EEST 2009
Hi all,

Following the earlier discussions[1], here's a plan for the next sprint meeting:

Date:    Thursday, 18th June 2009; 13:30 UTC
Pre-meeting actions:
   * Post of status updates and conclusions on assigned tasks[2] to
     this thread by 2009-06-18 12:00 UTC (90 mins before meeting)
   * Preparation of task URLs from backlog. Each URL should
     point to a wiki page, Bugzilla issue or talk.maemo.org post.
     It should contain a definitive issue and plan of how it will
     be addressed. All tasks should be binary-completable; with
     little to no ambiguity on whether it can be considered completed.
     All tasks should be expected to be completed withtin the period;
     if a task is too large, it should be split up.
   * Three tasks will be agreed upon in the meeting: 1 MUST, 1 SHOULD
     and 1 COULD. These should be weighted, according to duration
     at about 60:20:20%. A sufficient amount of time should also be
     considered for ongoing business-as-usual work such as
     responding to issues.

   1) Discussion on status updates (25 mins)
   2) Agreement on new sprint process (15 mins)
   3) Agreement in next sprint tasks (20 mins)
   4) AOB

Proposed sprint process:
   * Pre-meeting distribution of final task statuses, along with
     whether it is complete.
   * Fixed meeting date: first Tuesday of the calendar month at
     13:30 UTC. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 1st July.
   * Status updates (in-place of daily stand-up meetingsk MUST be
     sent to maemo-community on a daily basis. The subject should
     be of the form "[STATUS] Some example task description".
     Follow up statuses can be added to the thread for the first
     report; indeed, this is preferrred.
   * An RSS feed will be produced of all maemo-community posts
     containing "[STATUS]" in their subject line. This will be embedded
     within the sprint wiki page. (Action: Jaffa).
   * Once created, the only change to be made to the wiki sprint
     page is the change of the STATUS column from "Open" to
     "In progress" and then "Complete" (once done) or "Closed" (if

Hopefully this process will be lighter weight, and although there's
still manual wiki page editing to be done if this process works out, a
small workflow system can be developed to make it easier.

Unfortunately, the fixed date will mean this period is only officially
a couple of weeks long; but I had hoped to garner more feedback before
running yet another behemoth meeting resulting in sub-optimal tasks.

See you tomorrow.



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