[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Jamie Bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Date: Thu Jun 18 22:37:28 EEST 2009
On 17 Jun 2009, at 22:09, Niels Breet wrote:
> The question is, are you not satisfied about the work being done? Or  
> not
> satisfied about the visibility?

For me its visibility, the work getting done is obviously a testament  
to the great team of paid employee's we have as  a community.

As we all know, the role of the Scrum and Agile methodologies is to  
highlight problems very early on, whether they be potential or actual  
and enable the team to maneuver around the obstacle or change course  
altogether. With a lack of visibly the early warning signs are missed  
and the tasks tend to slip.

It would be nice to see what the employee's are doing day-to-day to  
enable any problems to be foreseen and maybe avoided earlier. A "I'm  
too busy to do this task this month" report may result in someone else  
picking it up instead or a "I've finished my task early" may result in  
a suggested path forward.

Am I the only one who reads the Activity Logs every day just to see  
the progress? This could be done a little better if we could present  
the information in a more palatable form; I don't think the wiki is  
the best format for this. The twitter like format seems great for 'Im  
doing this today' or 'Cool, just finished this' and maybe the paid  
employee's should be encouraged to 'twitter' (or identi.ca) their  
status daily and a combined feed be put on maemo.org somewhere? That  
way it could be open for more public comment and discussion?

> Niels Breet
> maemo.org webmaster

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