[maemo-community] Evaluating paid contributors (was Re: Sprint meeting & process)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Jun 19 16:56:08 EEST 2009

Quim Gil wrote:
> Let me go deeper in one point:
> This is something we need to solve in the second half. By default any
> paid maemo.org team member is there to stay, but an evaluation is needed
> within two margins:
> - You are actually doing the right work the community asks you and you
> commit to do.

This is the tough one write now - in the game of meeting expectations, 
this part is the burden on the community & the person of setting 

For example: I proposed tasks for this sprint the day before the 
meeting, but I have no idea if people are happy with what I proposed, if 
they think I haven't taken on enough have taken on too much, haven't 
broken tasks down enough, etc...

I was both happy & unhappy to see the "Maemo docmaster" thread - happy 
because it was a good opportunity to figure out expectations and define 
short & medium term priorities, unhappy because there was an implicit 
suggestion that I wasn't meeting expectations before.

Anyway - I'm happy to see us talking about this, since it is important 
that we be working on thinks that are useful, that we be seen to be 
doing useful work, and that we're providing value for our time.


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