[maemo-community] Re: Sprint meeting & process

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Date: Fri Jun 19 18:37:18 EEST 2009

Dave wrote:
> For status reports: Netblade added status 
> reports for the entire month on the morning of 
> the 18th, just before the meeting

Yes, we moved the activities from our own tracking system to the wiki in bulk.

The agreed approach has been to keep the wiki up-to-date as we go, but appears people are not so happy about having to do double reporting. And as our own tracking system is mandatory to update anyway... (well, actually triple reporting if you count updating Bugzilla too).

> Is there any reason to believe that status 
> reports from Nemein will be better with this 
> approach than any of the others that have been 
> tried?

Yes, for couple of reasons:

* Qaiku workstream allows commenting and is available on both Qaiku and via RSS reader, making it more collaborative and therefore more useful than a bulleted list in a wiki page

* Thanks to the API we can actually connect the workstream to our own tracking system, getting rid of the "double reporting" issue

* Most of our team already use Qaiku, meaning that it is more easily integrated with their natural workflow

but I guess in any case discussing the activity reporting policy, and refreshing it in the minds of everybody will do good :-)

> Dave.

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