[maemo-community] Taking "Beta" off of maemo.org...?

From: Eero af Heurlin eero.afheurlin at nemein.com
Date: Fri Jun 26 11:00:04 EEST 2009
Qole wrote:
> I still don't log in properly... I would like to see this bug closed before
> taking maemo.org out of beta:
> https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4417

It's fixed now (again). If it doesn't work for you I'm going to need
LiveHTTPHeaders (or whatever extension of equivalent function) logs of
the following (remember to mask your password in the logs):

0. log out and clear browser caches
1. Load front page
2. Load intro page
3. (on intro page) fill login info and submit
4. note result
5. load front page (should show you logged in instead of cached
anonymous version).

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