[maemo-community] Taking "Beta" off of maemo.org...?

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jun 26 13:03:29 EEST 2009
2009/6/26 Henri Bergius <henri.bergius at nemein.com>:
> Hi,
> 2009/6/26 Aniello Del Sorbo <anidel at gmail.com>:
>> Do you know why Firefox asks twice if I want to save the password?
> Because on the background the login form also sends login to Garage,
> in effect "poor man's single sign-on".
> This stuff will be a lot better when CAS comes live:
> https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Single_sign-on
>> anidel
> /Henri

I guessed it was doing some sort of double login (I though maemo.org
and Talk), didn't think about Garage.

Thanks for explaining.

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