[maemo-community] Council candidature: Jamie Bennett

From: Jamie Bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Date: Mon Mar 2 22:25:02 EET 2009
Name:                  Jamie Bennett
maemo.org:             Baloo - http://maemo.org/profile/view/baloo
Corporate affiliation: none relevant to Maemo

   A bit about my background at the bottom of this email for the
interested [1].

   Maemo is at a defining moment in its history. When the 770 came out,
maybe ahead of its time, the Nokia device was in a market space pretty
much on its own. Today, the new device comes into a world where
expectations are high, competitors are plentiful and success is not
guaranteed. I want to be there to help translate the community's vision
of what they want to see into something that is commercially viable for
Nokia. I want to lend my professional experience to helping make the new
tablets a success whist strengthening this unique community we have
here, one that I am sure is the envy of many companies that try to
straddle the open/closed source world.

   I stood for council in the inaugural community elections but missed
out to a great team that did an excellent job in their first 6 months.
This time I would like to have the opportunity to do my part.


[1] Introduction:
   I'm a Senior Software Developer for a large games company based in
Holland (I'm actually based in the UK though) using embedded
technologies to produce visually stunning games. A large part of my day
job translates well to the vision required for a next-generate tablet,
good UI, flowing user experience, rich graphics, functional whilst being
compelling. I would like to bring this experience to the Nokia tablets.

   As for Maemo, I organised the Maemo community presence at the Nokia's
OSiM booth last year and was responsible for the video coverage at the
first summit, something that I would like to continue to do this year. 

   I'm active in most parts of the community, maintain a blog at
http://www.linuxuk.org and generally have a real passion for embedded

   Any questions then just ask away.

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