[maemo-community] Council candidature: Aniello Del Sorbo

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 13:49:48 EET 2009
Name:                         Aniello Del Sorbo
maemo.org:               anidel - http://maemo.org/profile/view/anidel/
Corporate affiliation: none

  For the fist time, since I've been part of a community, I finally
have been able to actually feel being part of it. And this happened with
the Maemo.org community.
This community, grown spontaneously, around the Nokia Internet Tablets
has been amazing and is something I, personally, never found around any
other commercial gadget.
I think this is mostly due because Nokia is actually asking for feedback
from the community and is actually listening to it.
It may be not the first time that a commercial organization (particularly not
one as big as Nokia) actually feeds a community around its devices,
but surely Nokia is the first that is actually doing it the Right Way:
they are listening.

They have a long history of upstream contributions in the open source
department and this surely contributed in the decision to help foster
an active community.
I want to help make sure Nokia knows that actively listening to an
organized community greatly benefits both. I am sure they know that,
but it is important that we do not fail them.

I sure think this will lead the way for other organizations (be them
commercial or not) when it comes to participating to the open source
I am thrilled by the opportunity to help shape the way this two-way
communication should be.
I really want to help voice the community concerns, suggestions and
ideas, but mostly to help shape the better way to achieve this, so that
these tools/methods would serve as an example.

Aniello Del Sorbo

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