[maemo-community] Call for testers: preferential election

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Mar 9 18:05:40 EET 2009

Tim wrote:
> There's nothing to indicate whether I should just choose 'some' of the
> characters or 'all' of them. Could you add text to suggest choosing all,
> but that it's not required? (Unless I missed that somewhere.) Or, make
> 'all' a requirement and add an error if 'all' aren't chosen. (I'd prefer
> the first method.)


The principle of preferential voting is that you vote for as many of the
candidates as you want to (including 0, if you want). You stop whenever
you want, be it at #1 or #12. There is really no need to give a
preference to everyone.

> It would be nice if, on the confirmation page (3/4), there was a 'back' or
> 'change votes' button... Or instructions that the user can click their
> browser's Back button (if that is, in fact, possible -- I didn't try).

Yup, the back button is the way to do it. I will say so explicitly.


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