[maemo-community] Council candidature: Alan "qole" Bruce

From: Alan Bruce mr_abruce at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 11 20:47:20 EET 2009
Name: Alan Bruce
maemo.org: qole - http://maemo.org/profile/view/qole/
Corporate affiliation: none relevant to Maemo

I am a prolific poster on ITT. If you have spent any time browsing those forums, you've seen my posts. If you want more information, please see my profile on maemo.org.

Another well-known community member asked me to stand for the Community Council. I replied that I participated enough in the community as it is, and I wasn't interested in "entangling myself in politics and bureaucracy" for the meager rewards that this position would entail.

My encourager made me look again at my reasons for not standing, and they started to look petty and selfish. He also was very complimentary, and I can't resist a good ego-stroke.

He replied (in part):

"I see your points, but... I would [like to] see enthusiastic, well-liked people in Council member positions... I see you as someone who has really made Maemo a better place. Yes, you have done this without being in a 'leadership' role, but (a) I'm certain that many people view you as a 'leader' already; (b) how cool is it to garner a position where your attitude and actions will motivate other users to follow suit..."

"[I]f you truly want to see Maemo become a world-class platform, then... Well... I do think you'd make a good Council member based on the type of person you are, what you mean to the Maemo community, and how you might inspire others to think outside of the box."

So I will put my name up for a position on the Maemo Community Council, and you, the community, can decide if you really want me there.
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