[maemo-community] Secondary addresses

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri Mar 13 19:29:53 EET 2009
If others are in the same boat as Marijn and Eduardo, I'm sure that
individual cases can be rectified. If there are too many, we may need to
send out another email.

Let's wait for Dave Neary to respond to this thread.



Marijn Kruisselbrink wrote:
> On Thursday 12 March 2009 18:48:39 Graham Cobb wrote:
>> On Thursday 12 March 2009 16:55:07 Dave Neary wrote:
>>> If you ever added an email address to get some stray
>>> mailing list karma assigned to you, then you don't need to ask yourself
>>> why your "other" email address was the one used any longer.
>> Ah, that explains it.  Thanks for the info.
>> It would be good to fix this for future votes.  I can imagine having added
>> a secondary address that is no longer a preferred address (or possibly not
>> even valid) for receiving email.  It is even more likely as time goes on!
> That is exactly my situation... I can no longer receive emails on one of my 
> secondary email addresses, and I assume that is where my instructions were 
> send since I didn't get any... What should I do/how can this be resolved?
> Marijn
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