[maemo-community] council at maemo.org, Re: Eligible voters [urgent] (was Re: Elections - vote soon!)

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Mar 18 15:48:54 EET 2009
Dave Neary wrote:
> I don't mean to be a pest about this... but the discussion about what
> the various proposals for the referenda would be moved off-list and was
> discussed by the council at one stage (after a long & sometimes heated
> discussioon which, admittedly, didn't look like it would get a final
> result), so feedback was difficult for people outside of the council &
> myself during that time.

Which reminds me - do you (members of council) remember discussion about 
council at maemo.org address and what it will be used for? People were 
agains creating this alias for this very reason that discussion which 
should be in community at maemo.org moves to council at maemo.org.

Maybe there should be written rules? Like

1. stuff which Nokia wants to keep secret for limited time (coordination 
of upcoming releases/services/changes related to maemo.org)

2. nothing else?

Can some member of current council describe from past experience how 
much traffic went to council at maemo.org and what was the rationale behind 
preferring it over community at maemo.org?

Or what about real council at maemo.org mailing list with public archive if 
you feel community@ is too wide?


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