[maemo-community] council at maemo.org, Re: Eligible voters [urgent] (was Re: Elections - vote soon!)

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Mar 18 16:12:35 EET 2009

Not much that was open to the greater community, actually. We had some
debmaster hiring talk, some SDK talk, some itT moving to talk.maemo.org
talk, and then a little council election talk (which was fairly quickly
moved to the community- List.

Honestly, I feel like the council@ email address has been used wisely
and that most of the "rules," while unspoken, have been adhered to.



Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Dave Neary wrote:
>> I don't mean to be a pest about this... but the discussion about what
>> the various proposals for the referenda would be moved off-list and was
>> discussed by the council at one stage (after a long & sometimes heated
>> discussioon which, admittedly, didn't look like it would get a final
>> result), so feedback was difficult for people outside of the council &
>> myself during that time.
> Which reminds me - do you (members of council) remember discussion about 
> council at maemo.org address and what it will be used for? People were 
> agains creating this alias for this very reason that discussion which 
> should be in community at maemo.org moves to council at maemo.org.
> Maybe there should be written rules? Like
> 1. stuff which Nokia wants to keep secret for limited time (coordination 
> of upcoming releases/services/changes related to maemo.org)
> 2. nothing else?
> Can some member of current council describe from past experience how 
> much traffic went to council at maemo.org and what was the rationale behind 
> preferring it over community at maemo.org?
> Or what about real council at maemo.org mailing list with public archive if 
> you feel community@ is too wide?
> Frantisek
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