[maemo-community] STV voting strategy

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Fri Mar 20 11:33:26 EET 2009
When examining all votes http://maemo.org/vote/votes.php?election_id=6
it looks to me like maybe some people did not understand what STV
exactly means and instead voted as if we had some variant of ranking,
like in method 3 -

Maybe next time it would be useful to add some simplified description +
link to details of voting method to voting page.

The biggest difference between ranking and STV is that with STV you
really have only _single_ vote (the S in STV) and only your first choice
counts if your candidate is not eliminated further in the process.

So if you suspect your candidate is not strong, put it on the first
place not second, third, ... When using current results as an example,
it really did not make sense to make big list of candidates if one puts
Andrew Flegg or Ryan Abel on the first place :-) Of course the results
were not known in advance so maybe I'm wrong and everyone understood
what STV means :-)

This is not an attempt to revert current results. It is just suggestion
for next voting. Having voting method explanation on voting page could
help and wouldn't hurt.


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