[maemo-community] STV voting strategy

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Fri Mar 20 15:12:33 EET 2009
Dave Neary wrote:
> Jaffa has 48 first round votes, the quota is 27.
> We count all of Jaffa's 2nd preferences:
> We multiply the number of 2nd preferences by 21/48

Ah I see. This is good. So all #2 preferences are counted.

My understanding was that since 40% of the votes for Jaffa were surplus 
this implies that 60% of #2 positions were not considered at all since 
those people already voted for Jaffa. I am happy I was wrong.

> The question is *which* 8 of the 18 votes that were Jaffa 1, Tim 2 (or
> Jaffa 1, GA 2, Tim 3, since GA is no longer being considered) get
> transferred to Tim's pile.
> This has an incidence if Tim ends up with a surplus, or gets eliminated
> later, since in that case, we move down to the next preference on the
> ballot, and if there's a ballot that has 1. Jaffa, 2. Tim, 3. sjgadsby,
> and another that has 1. Jaffa, 2. Tim, 3. Kees, then depending on which
> of the two ballots gets added to Tim's pile, Kees or Stephen end up with
> the vote later.

Yes, this is disturbing just as described here 

"It is important to note is that changing the order of the ballots can 
change the outcome of the election. In reality, this will only happen in 
a close election. However, many people find this aspect disturbing."

> There is another way to count, which only makes sense with electronic
> counting (and is thus harder to verify), and that's fractional transfers.
> We could use fractional transfer if you want 

Yes please if it makes result less random and more fair.

> Yes, this is true. In STV, you are voting primarily to elect your
> preferred candidate and ordering is very important.

This is what worries me since I need to decide between person A or B 
while I want both of them. But I'll get used to it :-)


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