[maemo-community] RFC - from those who didn't vote

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Mar 20 20:14:42 EET 2009
Hi all,

I was hoping that I could get some feedback from those who decided not
to vote in the election, on why that was.

To be frank, I was a bit disappointed with turnout under 25%, I was
expecting around a third of the people with 25 karma to vote - after
all, these are the people who are the most engaged in the community.

Is it because you're a Nokia person who doesn't feel it's your role to
choose community representatives? Because you're no longer active in the
project after being there in the early years? Because you don't like
elections, and that's just the end of it? You don't think the council is
useful or pertinent? You didn't receive a voting token? Or some other
reason I didn't think of?

I'm interested in hearing why participation was low, so that we can
address that for future elections. Certainly, I hope that the voting
token issue will not happen again, and for the other issues, I have some
ideas how we might address them also.

Can people who would like to express a reason contact me here, or
off-list, please? If I don't know what the problems are, I (and the
council) can't fix them.


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