[maemo-community] Call for review (was: Re: Today's maemo.org redesign meeting...)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Mar 31 19:03:52 EEST 2009

Tim wrote:
> I may be late to (or absent for) today's maemo.org redesign meeting
> (1400 UTC). If so, my main concern was already posted to this List: site
> testing.
> Imho, while I'd love to see the site go live as soon as possible, I
> don't think it should until we have one round of serious testing. And, I
> don't think the site at newstyle.maemo.org is quite ready for testing yet.

I did ask that when Niels and Neithan felt that individual pages or
sections were "finished" that they mail the list to start a review. But
I think there are site-wide issues and small issues with each section
which are preventing that.

So let me open the floor to comments - my goal is to get a list of
issues blocking deployment of the new site, based on feedback.

Can anyone who has some time please have a look at newstyle.maemo.org,
and let us know what issues they have with the site (design,
implementation or functional issues), please?

To get ye started, there's a list in the wiki at
(that page contains a pretty good suppary of where Neithan & Niels think
each page is currently too).


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