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From: Su Xiaoqiang suxiaoqiang at 163.com
Date: Thu Mar 26 18:41:54 EET 2009

         My name is Su Xiaoqiang and I'm studying for my Ph.D. degree for
the next 4 years in DSP and Network Research Center Institute of Acoustics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. I want to apply Google Soc.
Here is my proposal.


1.Project title

  Maemo Alarm


2.Project  Abstract (short description) 


  Make a nice and customizable alarm application for Maemo.


3.Project full description.


  A customizable alarm can help people manager their time more easily.
However, there's no 

any nice alarm for Maemo. Without GUI user can't use them from Maemo. So, a
nice and 

customizable alarm seems very important. In this project, I'll design an
alarm framework 

used for handling of alarms and other timed events.


4.Project tasks and deliverables


  Project tasks: Design an alarm framework used for handling of alarms and
other timed 


  Deliverables: The module which is intended to be designed for Summer of
Code 2009, will 

be composed of three major parts:

 (A) Requirement analysis, include all the function of the alarm.

 (B) Detailed design: Alarm framework, GUI and functional module.

 (C) The final source files.


5.Project schedule


  The Project schedule for Google SoC 2009 as follows:


  Project starts on about 28th of May. The final evaluation ends on 31st of
August. This 

gives about 13 weeks of work, partitioned in a following way:


1) Design Phase: (2-4weeks)

  Analysis of existing Mameo sources, getting to know the coding style and

writing concepts;

  Improving communication skills and understanding the Community;

  Get familiar with existing libraries and design APIs;

  Preparation of a draft of internal module design and its interference;

  Discussion on the details of the project, especially on the external
interface, which is 

visible to the end user;

  Analysis of existing tools.

 2) Coding Phase: (4 - 6 weeks)

  Module coding phase: set and delete alarm and give user reminder. 

  Handling of alarm list, for example there alarms and alarm repeat. 

  Handling of other timed events.

 3) Mid-term evaluation: (1 - 2 weeks)

  Preliminary test case analysis

  Initial acceptance and conformance tests

  Documents of the APIs and how to use them will be written and published to
the community

  Handling of bugs and improving user interface.

  Add a stopwatch. (this symbol are likely to be done, but are not project

 4) Final evaluation: (1 - 2 weeks)

  Extensive test case analysis

  Final documentation improvements

  Maintain it and future development

6 Do you have other commitments during the summer of code coding period ? If
yes, what 

kind of commitments ? 


7.Why are you the right person for this project? 


  I'm glad to be a member of Maemo community.

First, I'm interested in this project and Maemo platform. 

Second, I've been developing cell phone software for about 3 years. Familiar
with Symbian 

OS, especially S60 2nd and 3rd. J2me is another platform to be used. 

Last, I have study Maemo and Internet Tablet for months. Learn about the
platform. I also 

have experience in Linux. 

I hope I can finish the project excellently.


8.What are the benefits of your project for the Maemo Community? 


  At the moment, people are not very family with the Maemo platform. Both
the Programmers 

and applications about Maemo are related less. Through this project, there
will be more 

and more people know about Maemo platform and use it. More and more nice
application will 

birth. It can bring the community vitality. Also, in the upcoming summer, it
can combine 

practicing coding in my favorite language, improve my communication skills.
I'll learn 

more about Maemo.


9.Short Biography (academic work, open source background and other
activities that you 

like to do)

  Xiaoqiang Su was born on 21st of Match 1983 in Anhui Province, China. He
graduated from 

high school in 2006 and received admission to The Beijing University of
Posts and 

Telecommunications (BUPT), China, in the same year. He studies in
Engineering School of 

Telecommunication Engineering of BUPT and majors in Telecommunication. From
Feb, 2006 to 

now, he studies Signal and Information Processing in Engineering Network and
New Media 

Engineering Technology Research Center, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese
Academy of Science 

for PhD. 

  He gained strong c++ and java programming skills. He has 3 years
experience in Symbian 

Os and J2me programming. He is familiar with cell phone application

He would like to share his knowledge and abilities with the open source

I'm a self-motivated, diligent, open minded, team spirited guy.



  I wish I have included the needed details to present my ideas for Summer
of Code. In 

case of any questions, feel free to ask.


  Email: suxiaoqiang at gmail.com


 With best regards,



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