[maemo-community] Comments about the maemo brainstorm

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri May 8 15:01:08 EEST 2009

 > We really need to promote this brainstorm once it is fit for the
 > purpose. No hurries, but I think this will be in the primary nav bar
 > just like Downloads, Talk or News.

I mentioned this in the IRC meeting yesterday. There's no room left in 
the Nav bar (especially on an 800px screen!), but I think this is 
important as well. We might consider another prominent sidebar item 
(like Get Involved/Get Help). I can create this button if it's the way 
we want to go.


Quim Gil wrote:
> Hi there,
> ext Henri Bergius wrote:
>>>     *  Why not using the right column for Brainstorm navigation letting content start right below the header? Like
>>>    we are doing elsewhere.
>> Now it sits inside the Community hierarchy, meaning that the right
>> column is filled with that stuff. But indeed, using the right bar
>> would be a possibility if we decide that Brainstorm is more of "its
>> own application" and not "just part of the site", meaning we can break
>> from the mold in a few places.
> We really need to promote this brainstorm once it is fit for the
> purpose. No hurries, but I think this will be in the primary nav bar
> just like Downloads, Talk or News.
>>>      * Categories are important. I will provide a list.
>> We copied a listing from Bugzilla but the config isn't installed on
>> the live server yet. You can see it on
>> http://internal.maemo.org/community/brainstorm/ though. But maybe
>> there could be a more fitting list.
> Ah, I didn't check the internal version. Anyway, I don't think the
> Bugzilla categories translate since they are too specific (which is good
> for bugs). We would heitage the end user unfriendliness, I'm afraid.
> I looked more to
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Package_categories#New_list_for_Diablo and
> http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com to find more broad categories end users
> would easily get.
> Also there are things like Marketing, Devices or Accessories that we can
> add, I think. Note that this is a community brainstorm and Nokia is one
> of the intestested parties in the outcome, but not the only one. I'm
> sure there will be users happy about postimng ideas on these areas and
> why not, perhaps Nokia or someone picks on them.
>>>      * Pictures should resize automatically.
>>>      * Pictures can be uploaded in ideas (good) but they won't show up (bad).
>> I think it would be better to have a upload field for images and other
>> attachments than add them to content directly. What do you think?
> Yep, much better.
>>>      * A feature missing in Announcements that will be more missed here is the fact that all commenters (and
>>> creators of solutions) receive notifications when others have commented to the idea, not only the poster of the
>>> idea.
>> Good idea, and should be reasonably easy to do.
>> http://trac.midgard-project.org/ticket/1117
> Thanks!
>>>     * Any way to watch ideas and receive any updates happening to them? I'm thinking on e.g. Nokians
>>> interested in following a specific Idea, even if it's not in the most popular.
>>>     * Any way to watch a category and get a notification every time someone has posted a new idea or a new
>>> solution in that category? I'm thinking of Nokia product managers.
>> Every listing view has its own RSS feed. Just click the RSS
>> subscription button in address bar.
>> Would email notifications also be needed? If so, with what kind of
>> subscription rules?
> I think so, still plenty of people prefer to receive emails and is not
> very familiar with RSS, or really prefers something pestering their mailbox.
> What about
> Watch idea: get emails for new solutions, new comments and change of status.
> Watch category: get emails for new ideas. Optionally watch all new ideas
> automatically.


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