[maemo-community] [OT] Mediawiki extension for subpages an breadcrumbs used by wiki.maemo.org

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Wed May 13 10:59:26 EEST 2009

I know it's a little bit off topic but I really wants to know which 
plugin or extension is used by wiki.maemo.org to provide subpages an 

For example there is a page:
an a sub page created by using this internal link [[/Travel]]:

On top of the wiki content area now you can see breadcrumbs in this form:
< Maemo Summit 2009

I want to use a similar functionality in my own little mediawiki.

On this page I don't got the answer:

So I ask this list. :)

Thanks an best regards,

Uwe Kaminski
Mail: jukey at ju-key.de
Web: http://internettabletblog.de
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