[maemo-community] Maemo Summit dates and venue!

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed May 13 15:40:44 EEST 2009
Get ready for the Maemo Summit 2009!

October 9-10-11 - WesterGasFabriek - Amsterdam

3 days: 1 organized by Nokia and 2 by the community.

4 post-industrial spaces surrounded by culture, parks, canals and fun:

* Transformatorhuis: keynotes & track 1.

* Machinegebouw: track 2.

* De Kapel: track 3

* Oostelijk Meterhuis: special activities.

Location plan:
http://www.westergasfabriek.nl/uploads/wgf_plattegrond.pdf (1,1MB)

Free entrance! Registration needed to grant you food, drinks, a
maemo.org shirt and a seat.

300 participants expected: developers and engaged users, community
members and curious newcomers, from many countries and The Netherlands too.


Q - Are the dates definite now?
A - Yes. We have changed them because we believe more people will join,
even if we are not close to OSiM World anymore. Also because it's a good
time to start talking about Harmattan.

Q - How has been the venue decided?
A - Kees (council member based in Amsterdam) coordinated a first round
of possible venues. Kees, Niels (maemo.org webmaster, also Dutch) and
Quim (Nokia contact) visited 3 finalists. It was decided with the
Council that this one offered the best combination of price, flexibility
and cool atmosphere.

Q - Can I register? Recommended accommodation? What about the party?....
A - Ah yes, the little details. :) Now we have just pinned the venue and
the organization is bootstrapping. We also need to get past a successful

Q - How can I help?
A - Book your travel and/or go to
http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_Summit_2009 to see what to do. In case of
doubt just ask.

Q - Can you sponsor my travel/accommodation?
A - No idea since we don't know you (or do we? :) ) and we have to
organize first the budget. In the meantime help yourself: be a core
community member and/or a genius independent developer.

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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