[maemo-community] Public Council meeting...

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu May 28 17:34:29 EEST 2009

Here is a first draft of the points that will be discussed during the 
Public Maemo Community Council Meeting. As this is the first draft, 
please realize that changes may occur (and will be made public) before 
the meeting (still to be scheduled). These points are listed below 
without any commentary -- you may also expect that I will add such 
commentary during the actual meeting. The duration of the meeting will 
be approximately 60 minutes.

Feel free to reply to this message with suggestions and/or questions 
pertaining to the list. I'm happy to add and alter everything listed below.




THEME: Communication

1. What have we done wrong? (5 minutes)

2. What have we done right? (5 minutes)

3. One place for all communication: Where? (<5 minutes)

     - Council blog
     - Council wiki
     - maemo-community mailing list (if integrated with tmo)
     - Council subforum on tmo
     - Other?

4. Representing the Maemo Community (maemo.org)... (<10 minutes)

     - Take _every_ community "item" (request, complaint, etc.) into
     - Community trusts Council to make assessments/decisions based on
       these "items"?
     - "Items" brough to a Coucil-moderated "community meeting" so that
       community can decide?

5. Representing Maemo SW (Nokia)... (5 minutes)

     - Is this actually helpful to the community?
     - Ideas on bettering inter-community communication about official

6. Tmo moderation: Should all Council members be forum moderators
    (i.e., Super Moderators)? (<5 minutes)

7. Regular Maemo Community town hall meetings? (5 minutes)

     - At all?
     - Every month?
     - 6x/year? (Every other month)
     - Quarterly?

8. Redefinition of Community Council (based on comments at tmo). (<10 

     - All Community Council oriented conversation will happen: Refer to
       question #3.
     - Facilitation: making sure that one portion of the community knows
       what is going on in another.
     - Refraining from IRC for Council business? (Aside from the
       possibility of moderating community meetings).
     - Quims proposal:

               OPEN COMMUNICATION...
             * News and calls for participation are summarized in the
               Council blog (RSS).
             * Council micro-updates can be followed at [new thread to
               be created in this forum] (watch)
             * Council oriented conversation happens in the maemo.org
               Talk forum (archive) and the maemo-community mailing list
               (archive), in threads identified with the [Council] tag.
             * Also, Council members are usually present over IRC in
               #maemo, happy to chat with you.

     - Separation of Maemo Sprints and Council tasks.


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