[maemo-community] Introducing Alexey Zakhlestin

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri May 29 15:56:33 EEST 2009

Welcome, Alexy! You appear to be a very smart guy. :)

(I'm Russian too, but just a "pretend" Russian.)



Henri Bergius wrote:
> Hi, all
> As you may have noticed from the app karma email
> (http://maemo.org/community/maemo-community/regargind_maemo-org_app-karma/),
> there is a new addition to Nemein's maemo.org team: Alexey Zakhlestin.
> Alexey is a long-time Midgard, Mac and PHP/PECL developer who lives in
> St. Petersburg, Russia. I've worked with him already in early 2000s on
> the Aegir project.
> Currently he is looking at various open maemo.org tasks - for example
> he is implementing App Karma and fixing issues with mailing list karma
> calculations. He will also participate in the SSO project.
> Together with Ferenc Szekely (who doesn't need introductions :-)
> Alexey boosts our possibilities to develop cool new services on
> maemo.org's Midgard platform.
> http://nemein.com/en/people/indeyets/
> http://nemein.com/en/people/ferenc/
> You'll find Alexey's blog from:
> http://blog.milkfarmsoft.com/

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