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Date: Thu May 28 15:06:41 EEST 2009
these elections so often, it eats a bunch of time that could be spent
doing other stuff. So it's almost entirely selfish of me.

Not completely, though. It seems to me that the 4 months between an
election and the start of the next election process isn't enough time
for the council to get any traction on anything big. There has been
continuity between the 2 councils we've had so far, which helps, but I
think a term of 1 year would better suit the cadence of the community &
allow the council to work better with Nokia, rather than changing heads
every 6 months.

If the council agrees, I'd like to see us run this referendum
concurrently, and thus it would apply to the council elected in March
2010 (since it seems really weird for me to have it apply to people who
only signed up for 6 months in September).

I'm interested in feedback on this, of course. Anyone want to comment on
whether it's a good or bad idea?


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