[maemo-community] Brainstorm: useful?

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sun Nov 1 13:41:19 EET 2009
    This has been spun-off from an aside I made on -developers, as per
    Graham's request. It is not meant to be inflammatory, or suggest
    that the enthusiasm for discussion (from both Nokia and the
    community) is unwanted; just perhaps that we don't have the right
    tools and processes in place to handle them.

Can anyone point to a brainstorm idea which has been successfully
implemented, or produced an outcome which reflects the benefits of an
actual, real-world, brainstorm? I'm increasingly forming the opinion
that brainstorm users often conflate problems and solutions, and the
whole concept is based around the opinion that everyone's opinion and
solutions are equal. They aren't: some people design better systems
than others.

Similarly, there's no chance of persuasion and debate. Mailing lists
are a much more powerful tool, IMHO. Perhaps brainstorm is best to eke
out the *requirements*, which are then fed to the experts on a mailing
list for debate and discussion as to how best to implement those
requirements? (Not that brainstorm really results in any ownership

However, if people can point to it as a success story, I'll be very
happy to be dissuaded of this notion :-)

Thanks in advance,


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